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Art Design - office furniture

Our furniture arrangement since 2000, is engaged in manufacturing custom-made, assembly and installation of office furniture, as well as the installation and assembly of office furniture other furniture companies. If you decide to order quality and beautiful office furniture to-measure and drawings, then you have come to the address. Just call us at the numbers listed in the contact section and our experienced specialists will provide you with general information about office furniture, you will do for the preliminary calculations of furniture for your office, and write down what time it will be convenient to take the designer and gager to make accurate measurements of the room and make a project of office furniture.
Our designer and zamerschik already in place will recommend you which design office furniture is best to choose specifically in your case and plan office. Then, based on your wishes and possibilities, the designer along with you will select the optimum color scheme of materials and finishes of office furniture to make it harmonious and perfectly blended into the interior of your office.
After measuring the office premises to the required furniture, color selection of materials, fittings and accessories - our designer will provide you with a complete calculation of the cost of office furniture. If you select expensive materials and fittings, and the calculation of the cost of office furniture you are not satisfied, then the designer will help you to adjust the cost of furniture by choosing other materials or removing unnecessary accessories, the use of which in manufacturing, not in any way affect the quality of office furniture and its overall design .
When ordering office furniture according to your size to the total cost of the project includes the design and measurement of space, its production and delivery of furniture (without pulling, lifting and placement of furniture is payable at the place of delivery) and installation. If you have everything planned out in advance, then when ordering furniture, our designer or zamerschik clarify what time is most convenient for you for the delivery and installation of furniture. Then, at the appointed time, our craftsmen will bring, will collect and install the furniture to the entire office furniture provides long guarantee.
Furniture Our organization offers the following services:
1. Production of case office furniture and commercial equipment on order.
2. Design office furniture.
3. Professional metering facilities.
4. Assembly and installation of office furniture in the accuracy and assembly of office furniture from other manufacturers.
5. Production of non-standard furniture for individual projects for hotels and all public and commercial buildings, as well as all kinds of furniture for the home: wardrobe cupboards, kitchens, closets, hallways, living rooms, children's furniture.
The main products are office furniture produced by our company:

  • Office furniture: office closets, desks, cabinets, racks, cabinets on wheels, stone for the office, reception desk, various stands and tools for system blocks, office partitions, table partitions, hanging shelves and cabinets, computer tables.
  • Office furniture leader: any set of individual assembly of office furniture and design.
  • Office furniture for the staff: the selection of office furniture for the job with all the features of the room, classes and wishes.
  • Large office tables for conferences and meetings.
  • Commercial equipment: counters, shelving, display cases, shelves and any other cabinets meet the requirements of traded goods and their storage.
  • Kitchen office furniture and hotel furniture: tables for the office, as well as tables for bars, restaurants, kitchen tables, coffee tables, cabinets coupe, wing and built-in wardrobes, office kitchens or kitchenettes, beds and bedside tables.

In 2013, the furniture company "Art-Design" is 13 years old. At present, our company is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture, office partitions in the North-West of Russia. Our furniture company offers the widest range of cabinet office furniture to order the highest quality. Today our office furniture company - is the most complete line of complementary options operative office furniture and furniture for executive offices, a great variety of choices of office furniture for individual projects.

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