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Usually, most of the time in my life office staff or office center conducts workplace. Many workers detained after the end of the day, or just do not have time to eat at lunch time, in such cases, it is useful to office space equipped with all necessary office kitchen. Office kitchen - it's like a mini dining room, this is usually a small room in which the office staff can dinner without wasting your time on leaving the office to the nearest coffee shop.

кухонная мебель для офисаART Furniture Company - Design offers you a manufacturer of kitchen furniture for offices ( small size kitchen ) developed by your office for an individual project. Kitchen for office may be made in any custom design solutions. Using creative individual approach to your needs and interests. We will make your office kitchen furniture - functional, comfortable, practical and aesthetic, ideal for interior of your office.

Our designers create modern furniture, individual design project office kitchen, the interior of the kitchen space of any complexity, given the features of the design and interior of your office. Modern technology and built-in kitchen furniture kitchen appliances allow us to produce beautiful and practical office kitchens in all styles.

Our own production base of furniture , imported equipment, machines and tools, highly skilled personnel - is the key to success in the quality production of office furniture , including any furniture that makes our company.

As agreed with you, we can manufacture any custom office kitchens to order. At your request you can make office kitchen as functional and easy to use your office staff, for this when drafting the office kitchen, you can specify what kind of kitchen equipment you intend to use at the office kitchen as an office can be built in the kitchen, for example:

  1. electric cooking surface
  2. built-in coffee makers and coffee machines
  3. built-in microwave oven
  4. food processors,
  5. cooler for drinking water,
  6. built-in refrigerator,
  7. dishwasher
  8. filters for drinking water and other appliances for the office kitchen.

Order office kitchen or just a mini kitchen for a hotel room, you can through the mail form on our website.